Home Décor color trends for 2012/2013

July 22, 2012 in Bath Room, Bed Room, Home Decor, Kitchen, Living Room, Workspace by GTanja

Let’s splash some new color in your home! Change your empty white or bold colored walls in to something a bit more fresh or vibrant and you will see, what kind of difference you can make to your space just by changing your wall color.  I did a small resource about color trends for 2012/2013. I divided all colors in 3 main trend groups, so it would be easier for you to decide which color scheme would be more suitable for your precious home.

Candy Store:

This color trend is all about bright, strong, neon color shades, like for example lime green, bright yellow or pink.  They are really strong colors so they tend to draw attention so be careful and try to soften them with a bit of white color. These colors bring a boost of energy, fun and refreshing felling to your place and also a smile on your face. If you are a bit scared about its brightness try with color zoning.



It’s all About Nature:

This color trend brings us back to mother earth. Colors are clay, water and earth toned which can create a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere. You can not go wrong with these colors especially because they are always in trend.



White Sophistication:

If you want to create romantic and quiet space to relax, then this trend might be just for you. Main color is always white but you can add small accents of pale pink, gold or black (for more dramatic effect) or add textiles with elegant floral motives, but of course you can also add other patterns and motives.



UPDATED 2013 post: Colour Trends 2013




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